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Le moulin de Gratte Sac


salon In an old stone building, about 100 square meters are available: according to your desires, you can rest fireside in the large lounge calling for calm and voluptuousness, or you can move into the fully equipped kitchen with river view through the picture window. No doubt this panoramic view will inspire your cooking and culinary discoveries, especially as Mayenne specialties really offering what you need to satisfy your taste buds! About facilities, you can choose either shower or bathroom. Between dynamic awakening and relaxing break, all the pleasures of the toilet are at your fingertips! Finally, when the sandman has come, the whole family (4-6 persons) will find something to comfortably lie down and have beautiful dreams with the soft and peaceful sound of nature. What will you choose? The ground floor bedroom or the one with the mezzanine? Or the lounge with sofa bed? On winter fireside romantic night guaranteed! On summer, well-being and cool air provided by the thickness of the stone walls! In any season, be sure to have rest and tranquility!


étang Between modernity and rusticity, this cottage will charm you with its comfort, the aplomb of his old house, its colorful history and its natural Edenic looking. Located along the Erve, a small freshwater river teeming with fish just waiting to bite your hook at the right season, near a natural pond you will reach by crossing a wooden bridge, surrounded by several hectares of poplar and woodland forests where you can wander, meadows where you will see local buxom cows move with pride and nonchalance, this family stage welcomes all ages and contains in its own site and its surroundings many activities so that some can be entertained, others can relax, some can be instructed and others can dream!