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Gratte Sac : both river and pond fishing

fishing boat on the pond local pêche The gîte of Gratte Sac is crossed by the Erve river where you can show you fishing skills during the right season. However if you wish to come out of the fishing season you still can fish in the private pond either from the bank or using the fishing boat. Pikes, roaches, perches, carps and even trout in the river are expected to bite! Finally note that to practice his passion under the better conditions the fisherman has a dedicated room with a sink and fridge.

Get your fishing kit!

Fishing opportunities in the Coëvrons area include six first rate rivers: the Aron, the Orthe, the Jouanne, the Ouette, the Vaige and the Erve. The Aron, the Erve and the Orthe rivers are the favourite destinations of natural baits fishers aiming at catching brown trouts. Coarse anglers can fish gudgeons, bleaks and minnows on the Vaige. Fishers who wish to enjoy a variety of techniques will go to the Jouanne and the Ouette for roaches, breams, eels, perches, carps, pikeperches and pikes. Impress your friends or family with your catch of the day!