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Some History

Since 2003, the owners of this cottage have had as objective to redevelop this former mill known as Gratte Sac.

Once upon a time a name...

One says that the miller of the village used to keep a bit of flour of every bag he sold to increase his income. Stinginess or good trick of miller to survive during rough periods ? We'll never know. But the name may come from false rumors or slander against those who own the white gold, masterpiece of the so important bread making.

One thing is sure : in 1841 "le moulin de Gratte Sac" was already called so on the population census.

...and an amazing landscape

salon Whatever the origin of this name is, Gratte Sac has become a locality of the small town of Voutré known not for its so-called greed but rather for its thriving nature. One says that the President René Coty liked to come and get crayfishes and fishes living in profusion in the Erve. The small river running through the département of Mayenne (53) has allowed about forty mills to work since the sixteenth century for activities as diverse as flours (barley, wheat, ...), leather or paper. salon By the way in a decree dated July 15th, 2003 the ministry of ecology and sustainable development has protected the Vallée de L'Erve (Journal officiel of July 22th, 2003), recognizing its historical and geological particularities. Could you ever imagine that Gratte Sac was among such an amazing landscape with karst topography - relative to limestone erosion - which was favorable to the formation of caves and had once sheltered Paleolithic populations?

Did you think that when staying at Gratte Sac you are immersing yourself in the pit of History? Rural tourism has not said its last word! And it's your turn to continue the story.